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Last updated: 05/28/2009





    My name is Troy Jerrell, I am currently the Chief of Police for the Linton Police Department. While researching the history of the past Chiefs of the Linton Police Department I came across what I felt was some interesting information along the way. I quickly became more and more interested in the history of the Linton Police Department and have since tried to dig up or uncover some other information. Anyone who might have either further information or other information not listed here please fill free to e-mail the information and I will add it to what we have.

    I do not know if he was the first but the earliest mention I found of a police officer for the city of Linton was back in May 14th 1900. In the book it states a Mr. Samuel N. Wulton was sworn in as a "City Marshal". The pay in May of 1900 for Marshal was $40.00 per month. The Clerk writing the information down was a Joseph Edwards. I do know that Linton made the transformation from a Town classification to a City in 1900 so this is very possible the first Legal Officers of the City of Linton.

    On May 22nd 1900 there is another mention of a City Police Officer added to the city ordinance for the amount of $35.00 dollars per month and his name was Charles Day his hours was stated as on duty from One O'clock PM to Twelve O'clock at night.

    Anyone in the Linton area is welcome to stop by and see our display. We are starting to get a nice collection of old firearms and equipment that used to be used.



Past Chiefs of the Linton Police Department

Chief Kenny

Chief William Coleman 1955

Chief Ancil Tryon

Chief Bill Burris

Chief Broshears

Chief Jesse Martin

Chief Norman "Jack" Watson 1980 - 2000

Chief Keith McDonald





One of Linton's first Police Cars in the 1900's Era

Person at far right Thomas Kinney

Left to right Chief Coleman, Patrolman Yoder, Mayor Riley, Patrolman Henry xxxx, Patrolman Frank xxxx.

Far left Officer Lantry, Back row left to right- xxxxxx Officer Scott, Officer Baker Far right Officer Briddick. front row left to right Officer Beantley, Mayor Wolford, Chief Kinney

UPDATE: 5/1/2013 from a family member who lives in the UK

Officer (William) Briddick snr was my great great grand father. He was born in County Durham, north England. As a miner, he came to the USA in about 1880 with a wife and 2 year old daughter. He would probably be in his early 50's in this photo. Officer Lantry, to the left, is Briddick's son-in-law. The Lantry's were all Irish immigrants. They all lived at the same address in Linton for many years. Both the Briddicks and the Lantry's left Linton for Terra Haute after ww1. Both officers lived into the 1930's

Matthew Briddick. uk

Left to right back row: Patrolman Jim Anderson, Patrolman Lenson Ledbetter, Patrolman Dick Smith, Patrolman Jack Watson, Patrolman Bill Burris, Front Row: xxxxxxx, Chief Broshears, Mayor Bob Walters, Patrolman Jerry Ellett

Left to Right: Mike Poole, Dick Smith, Jerry Ellett, Chief Jesse Smith, Mayor Turner, Tony Ledbetter, Melvin Rose, Jack Watson, Jim Anderson, Broshears

year 2000 Left to right Patrolman Allen Goodman, Sgt. Detective Keith McDonald, Asst. Chief Jerry Ellett, Patrolman Gary Tannehill, Chief Jack Watson, Patrolman Duane Collenbaugh, Patrolman Chad Crynes, Patrolman Troy Jerrell

year 1993/1994 Back Row: Patrolman Mike Poole, Sgt. Detective Melvin Rose, Patrolman Tony Ledbetter, Patrolman Karl Jacobshagen, Patrolman Keith McDonald, patrolman doug Correll Front row left to right Patrolman Jim Anderson, Chief Jack Watson, Mayor Jim Wright, Assistant Chief Jerry Ellett

year 1998


Linton Police Officers of 1955

Chief William Coleman

Ancil Tryon
C. Lawrence
R. Hemmerling
Sgt. H. Cooper
Sgt. J. Herndon
J. Taylor
Captain T. Turpin
A. Truitt
A. Grenway



John Markle looking over wreckage
Officer Mike Poole
Retired Assist. Chief Jerry Ellett
Chief Broshears being sworn in by Mayor Turner
Retired Police Officer Jim Anderson
Retired Detective Sgt. Melvin T. Rose
Back Row: Allen Goodman, Duane Collenbaugh, Gary Tannehill, Troy Jerrell, Chad Crynes Front Row: Chief Norman "Jack" Watson Sgt. Detective Keith McDonald, Assist. Chief Jerry Ellett
Broshears and Ledbetter
Broshears on BMW in 4th of July parade



I am working on this in my "spare" time so further information and photos will be added.

Thank You for your interest

Troy R. Jerrell

Chief of Police